Responding to spiritual and physical needs among the most vulnerable populations in East Africa
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing clean drinking water, child sponsorship and community projects

Water Wells:

Below are the current WHM water well projects. To read more and participate, click on:

Count Name Location Completion Date District Population
1 Nakigo Secondary School 10/30/2002 Iganga 700
2 Kyozira Secondary School 03/12/2006 Luuka 100
3 Kimanto Village 05/01/2006 Luuka 1000
4 Buyanga Primary School 08/23/2006 Iganga 800
5 Bunyiro Primary School 10/02/2006 Iganga 800
6 Nakivumbi Secondary School 12/12/2006 Iganga 150
7 Victory Primary School 07/26/2007 Iganga 1000
8 Nabirye Primary School 07/30/2007 Iganga 600
9 St. Andrews Primary School 09/10/2007 Iganga 500
10 Kabyingire Primary School 07/06/2008 Mayuge 700
11 Bubenge Primary School 09/01/2008 Iganga 800
12 Mwendafuko Primary School 11/03/2008 Iganga 400
13 Walutaba Primary School 12/20/2008 Iganga 600
14 Irongo Primary School 06/20/2009 Luuka 800
15 Walanga Primary School 07/18/2010 Iganga 700


Mpala Women's Empowerment Project:

A self sustaining income generating women's project located about 2 miles from Entebbe international airport. Seed money for this project was donated in 2004. There was also training held at Lweza for women and men from Iganga, Mpala, Rwanda and Kenya. Many  young woman from Kenya, Rwanda and especially Uganda have been trained in sewing, hand and machine knitting. To support the women's project by purchasing their productions on contract, send your email to: Some women are still working with the project, others have moved on and started their own businesses. For details and pictures Click for details.


WHM mission trips are life changing. To read some of the unsolicited testimonials received from those who have traveled with World Harvest Mission to Uganda and Rwanda to either preach, teach, do construction, visit orphanages or  help with relief Click for details.


For photos from previous WHM mission trips and to view the types of mission trip activities Click for details.


WHM activities have been featured on the television, on radio and in written news articles. For news articles and updates Click for details.


We partner with so many ministries in the United State,  Canada and in Africa. The ones listed below are those directly related with WHM and ministries we support.

Jonathan Gunderson:

Uganda Scripture Union:

Gospel Ministers and Churches International: